From Seed to Sale, Organic Hemp Farm Land. AZHC

From Seed to Sale, Organic Hemp Farm Land. AZHC

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Arizona Hemp Consultants offers investors the opportunity to cash into the hemp prospects on their OrganicHemp Farm Land in Wikieup, Arizona. It also supplies certified Auto flower hemp seeds, CBD hemp Seeds, CBG hemp Seeds, CBG Clones, and Hemp Flower.

By the Big Sandy river lays a large patch of land, the first Organic Hemp Farm Land in Wikieup, Arizona.

We at Arizona Hemp Consultants are continuously working hard to provide inclusive and exhaustive turnkey solutions for every and any able body to tap into the lucrative hemp industry.

We, from experience, have learned that to reap from this lucrative industry, you need the right seed, the right land and the right everything else involved in the process, and all this while keeping in line with regulation.

Just a couple of years back, it was illegal to grow any cannabis – marijuana or hemp.

Illegal or not, one could never contest the value of hemp to man.

The use and value of hemp is almost inconceivable that one could think it’s just hype. But studies conducted by researchers at USDA and various land grant universities and state agencies have all widely confirmed the extent of value this plant has.

The young and old today are in love with canvas shoes, hundreds of years ago, the material used to make canvas shoes was cannabis – hemp, and so the name for shoe stuck – canvas. The word “canvas” is derived from the Greek word cannabis – hemp.

Today, the world over, over 25,000 products are known to contain hemp in almost every industry; from personal care, food and beverages, medicines and pharmaceuticals, textiles, furniture, recycling, paper, agriculture, construction, automotive, and even aviation.

Hemp is truly a gift of nature to humanity.

As a product not limited to one use, the revenue potential can only be imagined to those who invest at whatever stage of hemp production.

To give you perspective.

Vote Hemp estimates US hemp retail sales in 2018 at USD 1.2 billion with a projected US CBD sales by 2022 at USD 2.5 billion. And, that’s just the US alone.

A more like it projection is one by from market intelligence firm Reports and Data that put the hemp industry figures for 2026 at USD 13.03 billion.

With the passage of enabling legislation and consumer awareness of the value of hemp, these figures are dismal.

Thanks to the enabling legislation, the first stride in the right direction has been made for any investor to reap big from hemp – the gift of nature.

At its dawn, we jumped right in and quickly positioned ourselves as the go-to hemp partner in the state of Arizona and around the country.

On May 31, 2019, Arizona hemp Consultants was the first to be issued a Hemp Grow License in the state of Arizona. Only a few minutes after the hemp licensing bill was signed into law allowing the Arizona department of agriculture to issue licenses to grow and process hemp.

“Consultants,” in our name Arizona Hemp Consultants, is not a word we picked as a nice brandable word for marketing purposes.

No, it is because we are practical. We are heavily invested, actively engaged in the complete cycle from seed to sale of hemp production.

We’ve honed our craft from acquiring the best seed to grow the best plant finding a market for our products.

As an industry leader, we are a trusted supplier of certified Auto flower hemp seeds, CBD hemp Seeds, CBG hemp Seeds, CBG Clones, and Hemp Flower – plus all the necessary organic amendments and nutrients to grow the hemp.

We go a step further. In our Organic Hemp Farm Land in Wikieup, Arizona, we grow hemp and complete the production chain with products we sell and distribute through our sister companies CBD Family Store and Hemp Family Inc.respectively.

Our hands-on knowledge and experience earn us the title “consultant.”

We are the right to partner with whom you can work with earn from the lucrative hemp industry, without getting tied to the steep cost of entry.

We’ve learned, although it is now legal to grow hemp in Arizona and 40 other states in the US. It is not without challenges.

Challenges that lock out the average investor from the lucrative industry.

US drug laws still restrict industrial hemp production. The oversight and scrutiny from both state and DEA do not afford farmers the lateral freedom to plant and sell as they wish as they do with other cash crops.

For instance, one requires a state license to grow, harvest, transport, and process industrial hemp.

That’s the easy part. The hard part is compliance with the regulatory requirement of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration of not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis. Any number above 0.3 requires the destruction of the whole garden.

Such strict compliance requirements deter would-be investors.

That’s where Arizona hemp Consultants comes in.

As a licensed company – license number 190064 – we provide from seed to sale consulting and services to investors of all kinds.

There is something for risk-averse investors who prefer to white label the end product or investors who want to lease or buy organic Hemp Farm Land in Arizona.

For the white label option, an investor does not have to worry about any licensing and adherence to the regulatory requirement for industrial hemp production. We do that for them. All you need to do is contact us, and we can work out the modalities.

While the investor acquiring land is confident that they are not on their own.

We not only provide the investor with Organic Hemp Farm Land but, we work with them to acquire certified seed, prepare the gardens, harvest, and eventually find a market for their hemp.

Here is an array of solutions we provide investors.

Certified Seeds

The kind of seed you put in the ground determines what sort of crop you will have.

We supply certified Auto flower hemp seeds, CBD hemp Seeds, CBG hemp Seeds, CBG Clones, and Hemp Flower seeds that are recommended for the best crop.

Organic Hemp Farm Land.

For investors looking to active involvement in the growth of hemp but do not have land, we have 640 acres Organic Hemp Farm Land at Big Sandy Ranch in Wikieup, Arizona, for lease or sale.

The Big Sandy River runs through the land, providing your gardens with a constant and enough water through the farming season.


Hemp attracts much scrutiny of the legal eye. Almost every process, therefore, has to meet federal and state regulatory requirements. The law ensures that you meet these requirements by getting licenses for the different stages of the production process.

To make the process smooth to our clients. We help them comply with state and federal regulations. We help investors get licenses for growing, harvesting, transporting, and processing hemp.

Soil and Nutrients

Through our sister company Peter’s Organic World, we provide Soil Products and all the necessary soil nutrients and amendments to guarantee a bountiful harvest.


From seed to sale, we are with you every step of the way through the regulatory requirements of growing, harvesting, transporting, and processing hemp in Arizona.

This one-stop consultancy relieves you of the guesswork, simplifying the process, so your investment pays a dividend.

Sales and Distribution.

With over 25,000 uses of hemp, there is a market waiting for you. We work with our clients to source markets for their products.

Our sister company, CBD Family Store, is our flagship sales channel available online at or, if you prefer, you can visit our offices at 1949 E University Drive #110 Tempe, AZ 85281.

While wholesale sales and distribution are handled by Hemp Family Inc. our other sister company.

Like we say, we are with you from seed to sale.

White labeling.

White labeling gives investors who lean towards a hands-off slant to investing. We do all the dirty work; we farm, and process, then plaster your brand name on any of our products.

This is a lucrative opportunity with all risks of production and processing borne by Arizona hemp consultants.

You can view some of our finished products on the CBD Family Store website.

What next?

Arizona hemp consultants can help you get started right, so you are guaranteed to reap big from the lucrative hemp industry.

When you work with us, we help you get the best seeds that guarantee the best yield. We guide you through the best practices of preparing your land for a good crop, and if you prefer, you can lease or purchase our organic hemp farmland in Wikieup, Arizona.

We don’t stop there; we advise and can supply the best soil nutrients and supplements, when the hemp is ready for harvest-as a licensed hemp consultant-we advise on harvesting, drying and transporting, and finally securing market for your products.

It is a total, from seed to sale arrangement.

Get in touch with us. Our consultants are ready to learn your investment goals to guide you right.

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