A Beginner’s Guide to CBG Hemp Seeds

A Beginner’s Guide to CBG Hemp Seeds

A Beginner’s Guide to CBG Hemp Seeds, Starts, and Clones

Cannabigerol (CBG) is highly sought after for its extensive medical use and consumer demand.

Compared to CBD, CBG goes for higher market prices – almost four times the rate of CBD – thanks to its increased demand and the ridiculously steep cost of production.

Higher market prices can easily equate to tremendous profits to producers, and so we are seeing a surge in interest by farmers to grow CBG.

When a farmer considers or decides to grow Cannabigerol (CBG) hemp, he faces some decision. One most important is what to use. CBG hemp seeds or CBG hemp starts or CBG hemp clones from CBG mother plants?


CBG hemp seeds, CBG hemp starts and CBG hemp clones from CBG mother plants grow into crops that produce CBG hemp flower with a high CBG content anywhere between 10 and 20%.

Unlike CBD that exists in high quantities – up to 20% -in a hemp plant, CBG  extracted on the same plant can only yield 1%—implying that you need a lot more biomass to obtain a small amount of CBG. This is what makes CBG notoriously expensive to produce.

That’s why farmers who opt to grow hemp for CBG have to start by selecting CBG Hemp Seeds, or CBG hemp starts or CBG hemp starts researched and tested to produce high CBG content.


On one’s own, it is almost unavoidable to get fleeced.

Research in this industry is still in its early stages. Compound that with the high demand for CBG – unsuspecting farmers are easily swept away by empty promises of seed and plant that will produce a crop with high CBG content while falling within the regulatory requirements less than 0.3% THC level.

Working with a certified hemp company like Arizona Hemp Consultants is a recommended step a farmer or investor can take to guarantee that their investment is not at the mercy of what is not proven.

If you are out there shopping for CBG Hemp Seeds, CBG hemp starts, or CBG hemp clones, there is a way to protect yourself and your investment. Educate yourself on what you are getting into.

This article covers what is worth knowing about hemp CBG seeds or clones. It will arm you with the right questions and information you could throw at vendors or breeders from whom you are considering to source the CBG Hemp Seeds, CBG hemp starts, CBG hemp clones.

What is Cannabigerol (CBG)?

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid – it doesn’t alter brain function, or simply it doesn’t give the high smoking marijuana offers.

It is the first cannabinoid a hemp plant produces. As the plant grows, this cannabinoid –CBG – is transformed to CBD, THC, and many other cannabinoids earning it the title, “stem cell” or “mother” of cannabinoids.

Because of this transformation, a hemp plant will produce a small amount of CBG compared to other cannabinoids like CBD.

How to choose CBG Hemp Seeds?

In the past, it was only possible to extract a small amount of CBG from an industrial hemp plant making it very expensive to produce.

To work around this, it is obvious plant a genetic of hemp seed that produces high hemp biomass, and CBG flower is planted so that the THC levels don’t exceed the regulatory 0.3% level.

Although still limited in number, from research and development, we see new CBG hemp varieties springing up specifically bred to produce abundant harvests of high hemp biomass and CBG flower used to extract CBG.

With this information, a couple of things stand out as essential metrics to base on while choosing the best CBG Hemp Seeds for your farm.

  1. Choose a CBG Hemp seed variety with a high hemp biomass
  2. Choose a CBG Hemp seed variety that produces a lot CBG flower
  3. Choose CBG Hemp seed with no psychoactive elements – that is – 0% THC, but with a high volume of CBG.
  4. You can’t trust anyone who touts the best CBG Hemp Seeds.


A farmer’s investment can vaporize when the choice of seed is terrible. Bad seed has left several farmers reeling in financial ruin; you don’t want to be one of them.

It is therefore only prudent for a farmer to do some due diligence on the choice of CBG Hemp Seeds

Here are a couple of guiding thoughts to help you choose the best CBG Hemp Seeds for your farm.

  1. How much of the genetics of the CBG Hemp Seeds do you know?
    • Consider the history and generation of the CGB hemp seeds you are buying.
    • Know the CBG to THC ratio of the genetics of the seed variety. While it is nice to know that the seeds contain a large percentage of CBG, your crop is only commercially viable if it has a THC level of less than 0.3%.
    • Is the seed certified? And by who? Certifications are not easy to come by. Breeders are expected to meet specific requirements for them to qualify for certification. Certified seed then has a better chance of returning your investment in the shortest time possible.
    • Ask for a hemp seed sex test to know whether the seed is female or male.
    • Check for regulatory compliance with the state they are to be grown. Every state has a defined set of guidelines. The seed you plant must fall within these guidelines. Purchasing seeds from a certified breeder or vendor is an excellent place to start since they only sell seeds that meet the regulatory threshold.
    • Find out who you are buying the seeds from; is it the breeder of the genetics, or it someone who has modified another breed? Ask them for references to farms growing their seed variety.
    • Either way, whether a breeder provides you with references or not, scout for farmers already growing the same variety of seed. The information you can gather from farmers using the seed variety is critical. You get first-hand information on the seed germination and feminization rates when plants mature? And any other relevant details on the seed variety.


  1. Knowing the seed you are buying is the first part of your due diligence, the second part is knowing who you are buying the seed from.
    • Start with the basics. Know the company you are buying the seed from. How long have they been in business, are they middleman or the breeder of the seed variety, what is their reputation? A simple and quick Google search may unearth a wealth of information about your vendor or breeder.


You want to work with someone who has been tested and proven to help you succeed.

Are CBG Hemp Seeds the only way to grow CBG hemp?

Not at all.  One can start with CBG hemp clones or CBG hemp starts.

Another way of growing the CBG hemp plant is by use of CBG hemp clones.

The popularity of CBG hemp clones over CBG hemp seeds is the certainty and consistency of the quality of the plant. Although today with improved seed varieties as a result of research, the line is slightly blurred.

A CBG hemp clone is cut from CBG mother plant. The cutting is then planted.

By being picky on the CBG mother plant, a farmer can ensure that an identical genetic makeup of a CBG hemp plant is grown in the whole garden, guaranteeing a consistent harvest.

CBG Hemp Seeds vs. CBG Hemp Clones

Going the seed route or the clone route has its advantages or disadvantages for a farmer to consider.

Advantages of CBG Hemp Seeds

  • CBG Hemp plants from seeds grow a tap-root – a straight tapering root growing vertically downwards and forming the center from which subsidiary rootlets spring. Tap-roots shoot down to the ground a plant gets the best nutrients as they penetrate deep into the soil, accessing more resources feeding the notion that CBG Hemp plants from seeds are healthier and stronger.
  • Seeds can be easily stored for an extended time.
  • Free from pests, disease, and viruses from the get-go.

Disadvantages of CBG Hemp Seeds

  • Unlike clones that are plant cuttings, seeds need time under the ground to grow.
  • It may be hard or expensive to know the gender of a hemp plant just by looking at a seed.
  • There is also a case where each plant has varying cannabinoid concentrations.

Advantages of CBG Hemp Clones

  • Clones take away a lot of guesswork. You will know whether the plant is male or female. You are sure of the genetic makeup of the plant resulting in a predictable product and yield.
  • Clones grow and mature faster than their seed-grown counterparts.
  • The growing conditions of clones are consistent, requiring no adjustments between harvests.

Disadvantages of CBG Hemp Clones

  • The main disadvantage of CBG Hemp Clones is they come along with all the issues – pests or disease – of the CBG mother plant.
  • Unlike the seed-based plants that grow tap-roots, the roots of clones will sprout around the stem, limiting them on the nutrients that only a sinking tap-root can provide.

Disadvantages of CBG Hemp Clones

  • The main disadvantage of CBG Hemp Clones is they come along with all the issues – pests or disease – of the CBG mother plant.
  • Unlike the seed-based plants that grow tap-roots, the roots of clones will sprout around the stem, limiting them on the nutrients that only a sinking tap-root can provide.


How to choose the best CBG Hemp Clones

Early on, I said the advantage of a clone over the seed-based plant is the consistency since they all come from the same mother plant.

Well, that may be true but, like you are vigilant, choosing the CBG hemp seeds, be vigilant and check for clones that are strong and healthy.


Here are some things to look out for when buying CBG Hemp Clones

  • Look for feminized clones.
  • Look at the roots of the clone, avoid clones with few and stubby roots, as well as those with yellow roots and those whose roots look like they are rotten.
  • Also, check the soil around the plant for mold or bugs.
  • Check the stalk and – especially under – leaves of the clone for bugs.
  • Leaves should have a vibrant green color. If there is any discoloring or if the leaves look deficient, don’t buy the clone.


CBG hemp starts

CBG hemp starts are three to four weeks old CBG hemp plants grown from CBG hemp seeds.  A farmer buys these seedlings and transplants them to his gardens.

CBG hemp starts to provide the best of both CGB hemp seeds and CBG Hemp Clones.

CBG hemp starts are grown in a controlled environment from seeds certified to produce a high percentage of CBG while still under 0.3% THC level.

Purchasing CBG hemp starts settles in your mind what the result of the seed is, a benefit of the CBG hemp clone, and at the same time, your hemp plant comes with a tap-root that CBG hemp clones lack.

That’s why you get to have the best of both worlds with CBG hemp starts.


Traits of a good CBG plant

Using certified CBG Hemp Seeds or CBG Hemp starts/CBG Hemp Seed starts or CBG Hemp clones will result in a crop that fits this bill.

  • They have a massive flower production
  • The flowers tend to be large, attractive and easily clipped
  • A sturdy and robust plant able to support the weight of its heavy flower yield.
  • High CBG cannabinoid levels
  • They have low THC and THCA levels
  • Resistant to pests, mold and other diseases
  • They are weather-resistant; cold, drought and heat especially during flowering or harvesting


Clearly, there is a myriad of factors to consider when planning to specialize or grow Cannabigerol (CBG) hemp.

You have a choice of starting with CBG Hemp Seeds, or CBG Hemp starts/ CBG Hemp Seed starts or CBG Hemp clones.

Whichever choice you pick, you must have the relevant information to make the decision.

Where possible, we recommend working a certified vendor or breeder to ensure that the CBG Hemp Seeds or CBG Hemp starts are from certified seeds, and the CBG Hemp clones are from a trusted CBG mother plant.

Arizona Hemp Consultants can answer any lingering questions and provide you the best tailor-made solution that suits your investment requirements. Contact us now; we’ll be glad to speak with you today.

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