CBD auto flower hemp seeds

CBD auto flower hemp seeds

CBD Auto Flower Hemp Seeds

CBD auto flower hemp seeds are popular; they sprout to plants that grow so fast to the taste of farmers who want to harvest soon and to plants that are discrete in size for clandestine lovers.

CBD auto flower hemp seeds grow into plants that automatically bud or flower – earning the auto flower name – in a short time from two weeks after the seeds germinate.

Yet –depending on the variety- it still produces a harvest that is at par with that of the standard hemp CBD varieties.

CBD auto flower hemp – auto-flowering hemp – is by design bred to flower at a foreseeable age irrespective of the length of days or the amount of light available to the plant.  Automatically shifting from a vegetative stage to the flowering stage.

As opposed to photoperiod dependent strains of CBD hemp that only shift to the flowering stage of growth when there is a correct balance of light to dark hours.

This allows CBD auto flower hemp plants to grow in a controlled environment any time of the year, or to be planted outdoor for early harvests, say, in the short summer.

At Arizona Hemp Consultants, we sell certified CBD auto flower hemp seeds that will be ready for harvest in a short time – from ten weeks from planting.

What you will learn from this article:

  • What are CBD auto flower hemp seeds – auto-flowering hemp seeds
  • Advantages of Auto-flowering CBD hemp
  • Disadvantages of Auto-flowering CBD hemp
  • How to Choose Auto-flowering CBD hemp seed and CBD hemp seeds in general
  • Where to buy Auto-flowering CBD hemp seeds.
  • Frequently asked questions we get on Auto flower CBD hemp?

What are CBD auto flower hemp seeds – auto-flowering hemp seeds

We’ve covered a bit what CBD auto flower hemp seeds are in the introduction of this article.

What you should know so far is what kind of plant they grow into.

A plant that automatically blossoms at a defined time or age.

When you plant ordinary CBD hemp seeds indoors, you need to have 12 hour light a day for the plants to flower, and if you plant them outdoors, the plant will only flower when the amount of light in a day start to fall.

Auto-flowering hemp seeds, on the other hand, will automatically flower when it’s time has come by design often as soon as it can hold the flower heads.

Advantages of Auto-flowering CBD hemp

Auto-flowering CBD hemp is famous for good reasons; here are a few why farmers love them.

  1. Auto-flowering CBD hemp plants contain high CBD levels with a very low THC level – something essential for hemp.
  2. Auto-flowering CBD hemp plants have a short life; they can go from seed to harvest in less than ten weeks.
  3. Some varieties can flower between two to three weeks from germination.
  4. Because of the short time it takes to go from seed to harvest, Auto-flowering CBD hemp plants can be grown in shorter summers as well as in the winters in controlled environments.
  5. Auto-flowering CBD hemp plants are by nature small – 30 to 60 centimeters – and are attractive to growers who want to grow the plants under the radar – stealthily.
  6. Unlike the short-day or photoperiod dependent strains, there is no need for specialized and separate vegetative and flowering environments.
  7. Auto-flowering CBD hemp plants are also very resilient plants. They can stand any weather, resist the attack of pest or mold.
  8. If grown for seeds, a 30-centimeter tall plant can produce hundreds of seeds.
  9. Auto-flowering CBD hemp plants are not susceptible to light pollution. Thus they can grow in a city environment bombarded by foreign light that affects regular photoperiod hemp strains.


  1. When grown outdoors, Auto-flowering CBD hemp plants can produce multiple harvests in a single season
  2. Because of the speedy race from seed to harvest, stunted nature, Auto-flowering CBD hemp is not nutrient demanding compared to the other photoperiod strains that are needy of complicated nutrition.

Disadvantages of Auto-flowering CBD hemp plants

Like everything about life, Auto-flowering CBD hemp plants also have reasons why some farmers avoid them.

  1. The primary concern farmers have with auto-flowering hemp strains is the yield. A small, discreet plant will undoubtedly bring forth a little return. The trade-off of size and cost of farming is in the amount a plant can produce. You wouldn’t compare the number of flowers that can bud in a 60cm Auto-flowering CBD hemp plant provides compared to a standard CBD hemp plant that can grow to two to four meters tall. And, so, you can’t compare the harvest either.
  2. Though resilient, Auto-flowering CBD hemp plants are delicate. They grow with a burst that they don’t accommodate any errors. Other photoperiod plants are forgiving. When an error is made, say in pruning or training, a farmer can just delay flowering until the plant recovers. Not with auto flowers.
  3. Autoflowers demand a lot of care while handling because they don’t have the luxury of extra time for recovery.
  4. There is also a scare of buying a genetic that doesn’t flower automatically regardless of photoperiod.
  5. For hemp clone lovers, Auto-flowering CBD hemp plants produce very low-quality hemp clones.

How to Choose Auto-flowering CBD hemp seed and CBD hemp seeds in general

The choice of seed you plant is critical.

The resulting crop draws from the genotype of the seed you plant.

It is easy to be swept by the promise of high CBD levels of over 10%, but, to meet federal and state regulatory requirements form industrial hemp farmers have to concern themselves with the THC levels of the plant.

You are required to purchase certified seeds – buying them from a certified hemp seed seller is your safest bet.

While buying CBD hemp seeds, here are a couple of things you need to consider.

  1. Consult with your state regulator for the CBD hemp varieties are allowed in your state.
  2. Pore through the crucial tests of the CBD hemp seeds you intend to buy. Here are the tests.
  • Look for a 95%+ Germination rate in the Germination Report.
  • When buying feminized seeds, look for a 99%+ feminization results in the CBD Feminization report.
  • Check the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for Cannabinoid Potency for:
    • Total THC under 0.3%
    • CBD and CBDA Content should have over 10% CBD
  1. Check for the CBD: THC Ratio

Like any salesman, hemp seed sellers will stress the attributes that they think farmers are more interested in – whether it is CBD or THC. That’s their job – to sell.

CBD levels of 20%+ are seductive, but, how much THC is in that plant?

Many states require for a crop to meet a regulatory requirement for industrial hemp of less than 0.3% THC.

We recommend farmers to stay below the 0.3% THC limit, even though they may be from states that allow higher limits. Because; eventually, you will want a market for your products. The demand for hemp plants with a high THC is low; this will force you to sell at a lower price.

What’s the point then of growing a crop that will give you 20% CBD only to torch it because the state won’t approve it or have storerooms full of stock that you can’t sell.

That’s why we recommend you buying Auto-flowering CBD hemp seeds with a high CBD: THC ration.  Most CBD hemp varieties in the market have CBD: THC ratios of 20:1 or 30:1, but if you can get your hands on a type with a higher CBD: THC ratio, the better.

Ask the breeder or seller about the test results. You want to know the stages when the tests were done and how the samples were got. As much as possible demand for test results across the growth cycle. These results should comply with regulatory requirements.

Where to buy Auto-flowering CBD hemp seeds?

You will not fail to find where to buy Auto-flowering CBD hemp seeds.

There are hundreds of breeders and vendors online and offline with as many varieties as you can possibly choose.

Our recommendation is to buy from a seller or breeder licensed to sell hemp seeds.

Arizona Hemp Consultants is a licensed and time tested hemp partner. We stock highly sought after Auto-flowering CBD hemp seeds of plant varieties that contain small traces of THC and a higher percentage of CBD.

If you want to buy Auto-flowering CBD hemp seeds now, call us. We will help you in the decision-making process by ensuring the seeds you buy are in line with your investment goals.

Frequently asked questions we get on Auto flower CBD hemp?

What Is Auto flower CBD hemp? And how are they different from other hemp types?

Autos, Auto flowers, or Auto flower CBD hemp plants are the specie of hemp that by design flower automatically. And, that’s what makes it different from other hemp types.

A hemp or cannabis plant has two phases in its growth cycle; vegetative and flowering phase. With other types of CBD plants – photoperiod – there is a need to shift the light cycle to trigger flowering. Auto flowers, on the other hand, don’t require this shift. They automatically will flower when their time is up to whether there is a shift in light or not.


What are the origins of auto flower CBD hemp?                     

The environmentally harsh weather conditions of Eastern Europe and Central Asia

bore a resilient auto-flowering strain of hemp.

To survive extremely harsh weather, the plant had to adapt and flower faster instead of waiting for the weather to change.

Today, the auto flower CBD hemp found in the market is crossbreeds of these strains with a touch of the ingenious of science.

When do auto flower CBD hemp plants Flower?

Typically, within three to four weeks from planting.

When are auto flower CBD hemp plants ready for harvest?

You can harvest an auto flower CBD hemp plant within ten weeks from germination.

Can you auto flower CBD hemp plants indoors?

Yes, you can. Auto flower CBD hemp plants can thrive both indoors and outdoors, making them one of the easiest to grow.

How easy is it to grow auto flower CBD hemp plants?

Compared to the other CBD hemp strains, Auto flower CBD hemp plants are somewhat easier to grow. They are not as demanding and guarantee and faster harvest from the time of planting.

Scroll up to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of auto flower CBD hemp plants in this article.

What is the difference between CBD from hemp from CBD from cannabis?

A CBD isolate from a hemp plant, or a cannabis plant is the same.

Is there auto flower CBD hemp seeds?

Yes, they are there and in plenty. You can contact us for more information.

Adding CBD auto flower hemp to your farm is something we recommend to many hemp farmers.

Auto flowers are fast and convenient for any farmer to adopt. They do well both indoors and outdoors.

By their nature, they have proven to be resistant to the conditions that other varieties of hemp face, and so, they are easy to grow.

All these advantages attract farmers. And where there is demand, there is supply.

But, one has to be extremely cautious when buying not just CBD auto flower hemp but hemp seeds in general.

There are regulatory requirements to fall within. There is also the ultimate goal of making a profit from your investment.

That’s why we’ve taken time to write this article such that you know how to choose the best CBD auto flower hemp seeds when you are ready to buy.

If you are shopping for a seller, contact us. Arizona Hemp Consultants is certified and licensed to offer all hemp-related services. We are the partner you can rely on from seed to market.

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