Organic Hemp Farm Land

About the Land

Mohave County Land for sale in Arizona with amazing river water rights, rare ranch land and cattle ranch sites. This land contains 40 to 1700 available acres, ranging from $2900-$7900 per acre.

The Big Sandy river flows several months of the year and passes through the heart of the ranch which creates a river front setting for an organic farm with an abundance of water being available from the river and shallow wells.

At the base of the foothills are mature mesquite trees and secluded RV or horse facility potential development. Dramatic and panoramic views from the high hillsides, superb custom home estate setting, next to the river make this an ideal custom ranch house view location with pasture land and corrals overlooking the river valley.


  • Located on SR93 in Mohave County near Wikieup 
  • Less then 3 hours from North Phoenix
  • ZIP Code 85360 

What Can You Do On This Land?

  • Create a quality equestrian facility with all the amenities
  • Design scenic views and private health, boutique, and restaurant complexes into the landscape
  • Build a corporate retreat
  • Add riding and RV facilities
  • Design water and garden features using the abundance of water rights
  • Go hunting, or enjoy the wildlife, including deer, javalina, rabbits, quail and most other Arizona species
  • Go rock hunting with the minerals and mining claims that surround the river valley
  • Horse and quad ride on trails from the river setting to the rolling hills

Prices for River Parcels

  • Entire Ranch ------------------------------- $3,776,000
  • 640 Acres above river signal ranch -- $1,920,000
  • 40 Acres ------------------------------------ $280k
  • 80 Acres ------------------------------------ $349k
  • 160 Acres ---------------------------------- $699k
  • 200 Acres on river ----------------------- $399k
  • 40 Acres (Hillside + Hilltop) ----------- $129k-$299k

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4 - 6 Acre Hemp Farms

3.5acre Organic Hemp Field Available

For small farmers, 4 - 6 acres of land to grow hemp.

Hemp Farm


Plenty of water at Big Sandy 

Big Sandy

Big Sandy Ranch

Big Sandy Ranch LLC and Pair of Paws LLC are owners of record of 937 acres of vacant land in Mohave County, Arizona, collectively known as Big Sandy Ranch. The companies have claims for

certain water rights quite unique to the state of Arizona.


Land for lease, water and power seller financing available.

Buys and sells Industrial Hemp/Land/BioMass & CBD Oil. 

Buys and sells Industrial Hemp/Land/BioMass & CBD Oil. 

Big Sandy Water Rights



Holdings of the Big Sandy Ranch, LLC and Pair of Paws, LLC consist of:

 The NE ¼, SW ¼ and the NW ¼, SE ¼ of Section 12, T. 14 N., R. 13 W.

(Parcel 1)

 All of Section 13, T. 14 N., R. 13 W. (Parcel 2)

 217 acres in the S ½ of Section 3, T. 14 N., R. 13 W. (Parcel 3),

All in Mohave County, Arizona, 937 acres in a total.

The companies have claimed surface water rights with the Arizona Department of Water

Resources (ADWR) for the following:

 Irrigation rights of 813 acre feet per annum (AFA) recorded on February

6, 1915, and;

 Stock pond rights of 12 acre feet per annum (AFA) for use in Ranch

House Tank based on Certificate of Water Right issued on March 15,


The surface water rights for the Big Sandy Ranch, in the amount of 813 AFA, were

established in 1900 by Bill J. Rohr. Our consultants have obtained data from the public

files of the ADWR. According to these, the surface water rights established prior to 1920

have been placed in the order of priority as per the attached Table. In this order, the water

rights for the Big Sandy Ranch are placed 6 th among 28 registrations between 1873 and


The reach of the Big Sandy River in the Big Sandy Ranch area is

considered a perennial flow area. The average annual runoff during

the period 1967 – 1993 was 70,240 AFA. The volume of flow of the

Big Sandy River claimed prior to the Rohr filing in 1900 was

13,335.5 AFA.

Considering that the Big Sandy Ranch is in a perennial flow reach of

the Big Sandy Rover, that the average flow in this area is 70,000+

AFA and that the prior appropriations before the Rohr filing is

13,335.5 AFA, it appears that there is sufficient flow in the river at

the Big Sandy Ranch properties to satisfy the Rohr right every year.

In addition, a Certificate of Water Right (ADWR Cert. No. 38-19872), in the amount of

12 AFA, with a priority of December 31, 1957 was granted for Ranch House Tank to the

Rohrs on March 15, 1989. The certificate identifies the location of the stock pond which

is not being used currently.

Claims for both the 813 and 12 AFA of water rights have been duly filed by the owners

in 2006, modified in 2007 and are now in the data base of ADWR under file Nos. 36-

105380 (originally 36-019867) and 38-019872.