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Arizona Hemp Consultants provides consulting services to growers, processors and investors enabling them to navigate the legal and regulatory process around growing hemp in Arizona.  From seed to sale of hemp growing to sale of biomass and CBD oil we can help you with everything you need.


Arizona Hemp Consultants would like to offer you Plant Tape at $1.75 - $2.00 per plant, depending on strain. 

  • Seed
  • Sewing
  • Transportation
  • Transplanting

BEST deal in the USA!

We Provide-TurnKey Business-Seed to Sale - Biomass & CBD Oil

Land Water Soil Seed Financing


  • Sale or Lease of Land
  • Farm Operations
  • Soil, Industrial Hemp Seeds
  • Seller-Financing Available

We currently offer Hemp grow locations in Northern Arizona for sustainable farming plots :

1. Big Sandy Ranch - 1 to 40+ land plots plenty of water in a secluded mountain valley near Wikieup, AZ.  

Your Brand Private label Production Opportunities

Your Brand White Label Production Opportunities

Manufacturer of:

Liquid & Powders

Gels, Creams, Balms and Lotions



Oral Sprays

Woman CBD

Coffee & Tea

Pet CBD Products 

Third Party Lab Testing

Third Party Lab Testing

  1. Hemp tissue and soil testing 
  2. Hemp pathogen testing needs.
  3. CBD/THC Testing  (We have levels!)

Our hemp experience has allowed lab us to research and perfect our sampling, processing methods, and agronomy recommendations.  



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We make you an offer on our Full Spectrum Crude CBD Oil for your Biomass. 

Biomass & CBD Oil Broker


Buys and Sells Biomass & BULK KILO CBD Oil. 

* Full Spectrum Distillate



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About Us

Land,Water, Soil, Seed, Nutrients


Hemp Farm & Garden Products

 We specialize in ...

• Super Soil
• Worm Castings
• Vermicompost
• Soil Amendments
• Fertilizer
• Phoenix Compost
• Arizona Compost
• Fulvic Acid
• Humic Acid
• Farming naturally
• Vegan Friendly
• Locally Grown CSA 


Blue Gold Tri/Res              $117.50/gallon

Blue Gold; Phos 23             $90.00/gallon

Blue Gold; GRM Micros      $99.00/gallon

Blue Gold; Percolate           $21.00/gallon

Blue Gold; Iodine           $224.00/gallon   

Blue Gold; Moly                 $94.00 /gallon

Blue Gold Selenium         $101.00/gallon


Sea-Bird Guano 

Wollasonite  (411 lbs/acre) $495.00/ton + freight 

Soft Rock; Phosphate (411 lbs/acre) $390/ton + freight

Iron Sulfate                      25#/acre

Manganese sulfate           15#/acre

Zinc Sulfate                        5#/acre

Copper sulfate                    3#/acre

Cobalt sulfate per acre       1#/acre

Sol-u-bor boron               3.5#/acre

Lets Get Started


To meet the qualifications for our application process, we look for applicants who: 

  1. Completes an AZDA approved application (pending development) that could request the physical location of the applicants intended activity as a grower or processor.
  2. Intended planting and harvesting date for a grower.
  3. Intended end use of the harvested hemp product for a grower.
  4. Intended product(s) manufactured for a processor license. 
  5. Has knowledge and understanding of the state and federal requirements of propagating and processing industrial hemp; etc.
  6. Obtains a fingerprint clearance card through the Fingerprint Division of the AZ Department of Public Safety (DPS).
  7. Submits complete payment for the fee established in the rules developed by the AZDA. 

* Other eligibility and qualifying requirements will follow. 

What happens when I'm APPROVED?

The crops are tested by an approved 3rd party Lab, then we harvest, transport, process the lab tested CBD oil and finalize the sale. 


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Benefits of our Hemp Seeds


Looking for hemp seeds for sale? Here at Arizona Hemp Consultants, we will provide you the best seeds that we can obtain.

Here are some of the benefits of our organic hemp seeds:

Our hemp seeds are free of any harmful pesticide. You can also explore  industrial hemp seeds 


Why Us?

Our company gives the best deals in Arizona. AZ hemp consultants want to make business easier for you, we also offer seed-to-sale products and services. 

We offer 3rd party processing, testing, private label opportunities,transportation, CBD oil Brokerage & more. 

Here at Arizona Hemp Consultants we are your one stop hemp provider. 


Our Team


Dante A. Schettino

Licensed Hemp Grower, Bulk CBD Supplier, Biomass Broker, CBD Kilo Broker


Peter Bilyk 

 Land Owner with  50+ years experience  growing vegetable farms and working with the finest organics available today. Expert  Agronomist 


Cousin David



G. Margareti 

 Director of Wholesale Acquisition & Distribution 

Jordan Sundberg

Jordan Sundberg



G. Liddy


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